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Welcome to the Mariana Islands

You are welcomed Marian travel agency Markova Travel Corporation. And I’m the general manager of the company — Ekaterina Markova. We organize your trip unforgettable tropical Mariana islands — Saipan and Guam. Warm sea, bright sun and a lot of positive emotions is guaranteed.

In tourism, I involved for 5 years, and before that worked as a DJ on the radio. Many people ask me what caused this change? If you think about it, my job has not changed. I still talk to people, but now is tourists, not the listeners.

It’s no secret that a good trip depends not only on the correct choice of hotel or airline, but also from the work of the tour operator. We provide individual attention to each tourist that include the personal meeting at airport, and to maintain. We try to make your stay here as comfortable as possible, cause people are on vacation relaxed and configured only for positive emotions.

Saipan — the second largest island in the Mariana Islands in the Pacific, the administrative capital of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. It is washed by the Pacific Ocean to the east and the warm waters of the Philippine Sea to the west.

First of all, Saipan — a family travel. Ecologically clean area where the lack of any production. All products are of good quality, and the local population vaccinated. Here, even a tropical climate, so the average temperature remains constant in any season. Coastal beaches are protected by a reef, so the sea is always calm and suitable for swimming, even beginners. Also protects the reef sharks and other dangerous sea creatures.

Another plus recreation Mariana Islands — unobtrusive service. To you, no one will come up and ask to buy something on the beach, you will not find here and guides that you will impose on tours and excursions.
The island is safe. The population of Saipan residents Chamorro and contract workers, and social well-protected by U.S. law, so there is no poverty, as opposed to some countries in Asia. Local islanders are very positive, friendly and self-contained.

Welcome to the Mariana Islands! We will be glad to meet you.